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I am a postdoctoral research associate at the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University.

Remembering Professor Dali Guo

Professor Dali Guo passed away yesterday from lung cancer at the age of 47.  He is a professor at the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Science. Before that, he was an associate professor in the … Continue reading

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Reflections on the 2017 Society of Freshwater Science Meeting

I am in Raleigh, NC for the 2017 Society of Freshwater Science Meeting. I arrived here late last night and this is my first full day at the conference. My twitter feed has exploded with lots of tweets about the … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Post Doc Interview

Many of us graduate students will have to interview for a post doc some time during our graduate school career. How to successfully prepare for a post doc interview is something many of us has thought about. I am by … Continue reading

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How Important Is It to Highlight the Importance of the Paper?

A conventional wisdom in writing papers tells us to always identify a knowledge gap and highlight the novelty of your own paper. You need to clearly introduce why your study is new and relevant. You want to convince the readers … Continue reading

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Proper Consideration of Error Propagation in Data Analysis

This post is motivated by working with my lab mate Elizabeth Guinessey on some data analyses for her thesis. The goal of the study is to investigate how greenhouse gas flux rates differ in various vegetation types in salt marshes. To do … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Exams: Uniform or Customized

As graduate students, passing comprehensive exams is one thing we all have to do to get the degree. I recently had quite a few conversations with colleagues on comprehensive exams. I have seen a range of different opinions on the … Continue reading

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A Follow Up on Plotting Everything Against Everything Else

I wrote a blog post on the practice of plotting everything on everything else in ecology a while ago. Since writing the post, I have had quite a few insightful conversations with colleagues and did some readings on this issue. … Continue reading

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Do Not Overgeneralize Our Own Experiences

I am motivated to write this blog by several things. These are mostly part of random conversations with friends or short moments of self-reflection. They are not very cohesive but I want to write these pieces out here.  I hope I … Continue reading

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Six Things I Learnt from Participating in a Big Collaborative Project

As a graduate student, I was lucky to be part of the Scale, Consumer and Lotic Ecosystem Rates (SCALER) project. This project was a collaborative effort among seven sites to understand the scale dependence of ecosystem rates. I have been … Continue reading

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T Test without Normality Assumption

We are teaching t test and ANOVA this week in the introductory ecology lab. As I prepare the teaching materials, one thing about t test caught my attention. In many statistics classes, I was taught that the variables under comparison … Continue reading

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